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Search public facebook status messages.

Useful tips: You can use quotes, so for example "new number" provides different results than: new number. Also, if looking for phone numbers, once the search has finished, do a control-F (find) for +1. That makes it easier to quickly find the numbers in the results, some may not be valid, but that should be obvious by looking at them.

Top Phrases searched for:
new number
"call my cell"
new cell
"new number"
phone number
new phone number

Change Log:
11.16.2014 - I know the output of searches in borked. The xml has changed, I'll update when I get a chance. In the meantime, it still returns numbers, so just ignore the warning(s) and the fact that all the Genders indicate Female.
03.20.2014 - Removed text from ALT tags since they carry over when results are copied and pasted.
01.28.2014 - Modified the Regex routine, it's still not perfect, but it should prevent most false US numbers now. Also added a routine to auto populate "Link:" if it's not available.

I'll eventually add an option to only show results with numbers once I get around to fully implementing json and ajax.

Hell Satan!

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